This artist doesn’t sing, dance or tour and yet they’ve emerged as the biggest-selling CD release of 2016.  

So popular, they outstripped Drake, Adele and Kanye.

If Smash Hits Magazine still existed, this month’s pull-out poster would go to… Mozart.

The ‘Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition’ is a seriously massive box-set, we’re talking 200 CDs, featuring every single known piece of music ever written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

We’re talking a whopping 240 listening hours over 200 CDs.


Yep. Two hundred.

The set was unveiled by Universal after 18 months of curation and planning, saying it was the “most authoritative, complete and scholarly box set ever devoted to the work of a single composer.” 

Squirrel this one away for trivia nights, like, forever.

– with Billboard