Belinda Carlisle, the voice of some of the ’80s’ most enduring pop tunes, won’t be adding any new ones to her catalogue because she’s bored with the style.

The Go-Go’s singer tells Digital Spy, “I’m almost done with writing a Kundalini mantra album. I’ve been into that music for quite a long time. As far as doing pop, I don’t think I’d ever do a full pop album ever again because I’ve been there and done that. Anything that I ever do is from the heart and authentic. I’ve been into this music and this yoga for years and years. I’m almost done writing it and it will be out early in 2016.”

In keeping with her interest in all things Eastern, Belinda is also planning to undertake a trip across India, in which she’ll drive a rickshaw to raise money for groups helping survivors of human trafficking.

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