The Island With Bear Grylls has set a new British television show swearing record.

The Channel 4 programme follows eight men and eight women as they battle to survive after being dropped on an uninhabited Pacific island with just a 24 hour supply of water.

While viewers tuned in to watch the tale of survival, they may have been surprised by the levels of cursing, with Monday night’s episode including a staggering 95 swear words in just a 45-minute episode.

The swearing may have contributed to the decline in viewing figures, with 2.5 million people tuning in at the beginning but just one million watching by the end of the show.

One particularly foul-mouthed outburst came from barmaid Tilly Martin, who launched an attack on Cassie Farrell after she made the decision to quit the show.

“You f**king lazy **** – good, see you later! You’re no good to us! You f**king sign up you do it you d**khead!” she screamed.

Viewers were quick to take to Twitter to complain about the level of swearing, with one writing: “Sat down with the family watching The Island, cannot believe the amount of swearing. Really no need. Vile, spoilt the programme.”


Another added: “Could you not edit out the swearing? It’s every other word! Unlikeable people with potty mouths.”

In total, Monday’s series premiere saw 67 utterings of the word f**k, 23 of s**t and one ****. Its 95 curse words is believed to be the highest in a single episode of a British television show.

The current world record is held by MTV comedy Strutter, which had 201 curse words in it when it aired in 2006.

Ofcom confirmed they had received three complaints over the amount of foul language in Monday night’s The Island With Bear Grylls.

However, Channel 4 told The Sun newspaper: “The show was preceded by a warning of strong language throughout and it was appropriately scheduled after the watershed.”

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