Image: Instagram@lifeguardhoppo

On Saturday afternoon a small dolphin was found washed up on the shores of Bondi Beach.

Unfortunately, despite the valiant efforts of the lifeguards who tried on four separate occasions to get the possibly injured creature back in the water, it passed away.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, lifeguard Bruce ‘Hoppo’ Hopkins said:

“We have a lot of dolphins come into the bay at Bondi. It’s always great watching them going around the surfers and catching the waves. We thought this one was just catching waves and coming in, until it got right up on the sand bank in the shallows and charged up the beach and beached itself.”

He said that they kept trying to take it out to deeper waters and keep the animal calm.


“Then it just stopped moving and passed away. It was upsetting for the lifeguards, nobody likes to see such a beautiful animal pass away.”

Well done to the team for doing their very best but unfortunately this time around they didn’t get the result that we were all hoping for.

SMH/ Instagram

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