Today, footage surfaced from the BBC studio in the UK.

Presenters Louise Minchin and Dan Walker were sitting on the couches, chatting to actress Jo Horton about the drama ‘The People Next Door’ and everything was fine, at first.

At one point during their chat when the camera panned wide, a black figure could be seem darting across the screen.

The black, shadowed figure appears to move quickly across the camera lens – a matter of inches from it. The figure wasn’t seen by the hosts or the guest, but was picked up by a Youtube-user.

The Youtube user posted the footage with the description: ‘I recorded this this morning when I noticed a strange black ghostly figure going passed (sic) this news crew camera.

‘Take a look. I fastward it so you guys can see. What’s your thoughts on this video? Comment below.’


A BBC spokeswoman dispelled the apparition; ‘This was an effect on a filter of the camera relating to the lighting switching on.’

She continued that the footage also shows a red spotlight at the very top of the screen changing to a star effect, adding: ‘So it’s just a technical thing.’

Source: Daily Mail

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