It’s official, The Bachelor’s enemy number one has been found.

Primary school teacher Sandra has already been singled out on Twitter as the bitchiest member of the house after the premiere of season three of the Network Ten reality TV show.

It was Sandra’s comments about gossiping that started the social media conversation.

“If you don’t gossip, then you are clearly not a woman,” Sandra told fellow contestant Reshael in the opening episode, after she refused to buy into Sandra’s game of listing the people she thinks she won’t get along with.

Sandra then bitches to the other women that Reshael was “ripping into her” and “back stabbing,” and calls everyone to a meeting to tell her side of the story.

There were people who claimed she was drunk from the champagne but she revealed to Kyle and Jackie O this morning that she wasn’t – unbelievable!


It didn’t take long for Sandra to become the hottest topic of conversation surrounding the new show.

“Sandra is vile and needs to go but she can’t because I require her for my tweeting #TheBachelorAU” a Twitter user posted.


But while Sandra’s comments may have seemed pretty low, another contestant’s remarks really scraped the bottom of the barrel.

“I have to do a really gross thing like every now and then – (examine) anal glands!” Laura gleefully revealed in her first meeting with the Bachelor Sam Wood.

Soon Laura’s revelations had started a hashtag trending.

The show’s host, Osher Gunsberg, even got in on the hashtag action.


“When I think Romance, I think #analglands #thebachelorAU,” he tweeted.

After just one show, the twittersphere has lit up with a villain and a rude hashtag.

This season may not need a failed engagement to keep people talking. 

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