One hundred and seven days after his mother suffered a fatal brain haemorrhage, baby Lourenco Salvador has beat all the odds.

While his mother was hooked up to a ventilator, the little boy was born by a caesarean section in a Portuguese hospital.

Sandra Pedro lay brain dead for nearly four months as she incubated the life inside her.

Doctors and nurses sang soothing songs to her womb as they waited for the magic number – 32 weeks.

The baby’s father, Miguel, revealed it was a long wait.

“Every day I feared the phone call saying he hadn’t made it,” he told the Daily Mirror.

Sandra was 17 weeks pregnant when she collapsed in tears from a severe headache.


Just hours after telling Miguel she thought she was going to die, the mum-to-be was declared brain-dead.

Miguel said doctors planned on pulling the plug the next day, until they realised she still held some life.

“Then they did a test and found a heartbeat and the doctor said, ‘Never in my life have I had a dead person with a live baby inside of her’,” he said.

“I was dealing with the sadness of her death and then there is this joy inside.

“It was strange. I hoped my son would survive but I thought it was a long shot.”


Sandra’s sister has revealed the 37-year-old had discovered her kidney cancer had returned, but decided to continue with the pregnancy.

Top Photo: Stock Image; 123RF

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