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Axl Rose has taken to the throne with his busted leg yet again, this time for his debut performance with AC/DC.

The Guns N Roses frontman joined the Aussie rock band on the stage for the first time on Saturday night in Lisbon, Portugal.


The show marked the first performance for Rose with the band since replacing longtime AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson, who was forced to quit touring due to the risk of “total hearing loss”, Rolling Stone reported.


Fans praised the Guns N Roses singer for his efforts and described him as a “legendary vocalist”.

“25 years ago if someone told me Axl Rose would be singing for AC/DC in the future I would think they were mental,” Stuart McLaughlin said on Facebook.

“I know he’s got a lot of haters but he’s still got one of the best voices out there. Not many singers could do this song justice but I think Axl has managed it.”

Matteo ACDC Abruzzo

Pedro Goncalves added: “I was there and Axl nail it completely. Great rock roll show and in these days (sic) is getting rare when everything becomes very predictable.”


Some fans however were still gripping onto the old days saying they are disappointed by the band’s choice to replace Johnson.

“They sound good but it’s really not AC/DC anymore, they should rename it he Angus Young band or something,” Dave Miranda said on Facebook.

Bruno Guerreiro

“Mmmm…just seen some video from the gig… no no…..I never liked his (Rose’s) voice anyway but he’s shouting not singing and trying to sound like an ac/dc singer when he should be aiming to sound like his (weaseling) self,” Andy Furniss added.

The Lisbon show was the first on the Aussie band’s European tour, which will wrap up on June 12 in Denmark.



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