Knowing millions will be watching him guest star on The X-Files is “surreal”, says Australian actor Artin John.

John, 22, appears in the fifth episode, titled Babylon, of the TV reboot of the sci-fi drama, which airs on Sunday.

He plays suicide bomber, Shiraz, who draws the attention of Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) who make efforts to communicate with him to prevent a future attack.

“It’s all very surreal,” John told AAP from Canada on Friday.

“It’s definitely hitting me for sure,” he said.

“It’s scary, there’s lots of people watching the show, millions of eyes around the world.”


John admits to never watching the original The X-Files – “the closest I got was The Simpsons parody” – but he is a fan of the new series.

“I pulled an all-nighter the other night watching them all.”

The boy from the Sydney beachside suburb of Bondi describes his famous co-stars Anderson and Duchovny as hospitable and welcoming.

“David was very energetic and charismatic and he kind of recharged everyone when he stepped on the set,” John said.

“He’s cheeky, he’s always got a bit of a grin on his face and he’s up to something.

“Gillian’s very calm and caring … a mother figure.


John says the crew were easy to work with and there was no pecking order.

“Sometimes when you’re a guest star coming into a single episode of a show it can be a little bit awkward and you can feel a little bit left out and lonely because you’re the new kid at school, so to speak. But that certainly wasn’t the case with X Files,” he says.

John has been based in North America for four years. Growing up, he couldn’t decide whether to be a pilot or an actor and even pondered the priesthood for a while.

Settling on acting, he worked in theatre before moving to film and television, with recent appearances on Lucifer, The Returned, The Tomorrow People and Supernatural.


He recently acted in and produced science fiction film 2BR02B (To Be Or Naught To Be), based on the short story by Kurt Vonnegut, and is currently working on Feature Film Trader, Australian Yvonne Bornstein’s autobiography.

As he works his way up the ranks, John is hopeful, yet “cautiously optimistic”, his X-Files cameo will lead to bigger things.

“I’ve got my eyes set on House Of Cards. I’ve been pushing my manager to get me on that show now for a while,” he said.

“Homeland or something would be nice.”

* The X-Files, Babylon, airs Sunday at 8.30pm (AEDT) on Network Ten.