The Bachelor’s Anna Heinrich, one half to Tim Robards has spoken out about break up rumours after Tim made an off the cuff comment to a reporter “that there’s always trouble in paradise” and Woman’s Day reported Anna had moved out of the apartment they share together. 

The Daily Mail has published a video of Anna being approached with a series of questions to affirm any rumours but Anna simply continues walking and responding with a definitive “No, we’re fine” if there is trouble in pardise and the dream is finally over. 

Anna seems to get nervous with her answer of where the rumours surfaced giving her answer as “I have no idea,…”.

Then as the answers get more vague Anna is directly asked “Are you living with Tim Robards” to which she replies with a definitive “Yes we are”. 

In response to Tim’s comments about trouble in paradise Anna is asked what she thinks he meant by that and she replies “he was kidding”. 

Pictures that surfaced of the couple on Sunday appeared to show a different story with the usually loved up couple strides apart when strolling around Sydney and according to reports appearing to be in tense conversation. 


Chiropractor Tim walked with a look of consternation most of the time in a casual navy T-shirt, shorts and matching trainers while lawyer, Anna had a black summer dress and beige espadrilles and sunglasses, with head downcast at times.

On the Friday before however, Tim posted a picture of him and Anna spending time with her family that was seen as an attempt to quell rumours. 

‘Long shift in the clinic today, glad it’s the weekend!! Fri night din dins with the fam! Yuuuum!’ he captioned the snap.

Long shift in the clinic today, glad it’s the weekend!! Fri night din dins with the fam! Yuuuum!

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A source close to the couple believed to be their manager dismissed claims with a statement: ‘Please know that there is no truth to this rumour, or these erroneous reports whatsoever.’ 

Tim went further with an instagram post to his 165,000 followers, translating terms used in the magazine with his own at times funny interpretation…


Hi guys! I keep getting asked what this latest influx of articles actually means as it was written in a language that most of us don’t understand… Gossip mag language… So I thought I would interpret for u… Hehe 😜 (thanks google translate) The term ‘Heated argument’ 😡… Actually means ‘god I’m full, no I don’t want your last piece of steak thanks’😊 The term ‘tensions so high they didn’t finish food’ 🙅actually means… ‘Anna the chip thief finished off my last sweet potato fries!🙋 ‘Tim, 32’ actually means ‘Tim is looking amaze balls for 33 haha..’👦🏽 ‘Seen moving boxes from their apartment’ actually means ‘was snapped outside work taking his weekly supply of #TRM youfoodz meals home with him’📷🙎 ‘Anna, 30, has already moved out’ interprets as ‘Anna is actually 29 and the only thing she is taking out is the rubbish!’ 💃 ‘Reveals a source’ interprets as ‘the imaginary friend that journos like to refer to’👼 Thanks for always believing in us and our integrity guys! Love you all! Even you gossip mag people, you have a job to do and how u do it is up to you 😘

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And so it seems there is indeed ‘always trouble in paradise’ even when there is no trouble?!