A few weeks ago, this photo went viral of a woman riding the Splash Mountain ride at Disney World, alone, with an angry expression towards the camera.

Now the Angry Splash Mountain Lady, aka Jordan Alexander, explains the hilarious reason why she pulled that face.

“I wanted a memento of how annoyed I was,” she told People magazine.

It all started on March 1, when Alexander took her annual trip to Disney World with her husband, Steven, their infant son and her parents.

Every year she would go with her parents and Splash Mountain was her favourite ride. She always wanted to go on the log ride with her husband, but they had to postpone going to Disney World for several years while Steven underwent two kidney transplants.

They went again in January last year, but the ride was closed for repairs. And again in May, but she was pregnant so they skipped the ride.


She finally thought that this year they could finally do it together.

But his excuse was that he’s “not a ride guy”, and she was far from impressed.

“He just said, ‘Oh, I don’t have it in me.’ And I was like, ‘You don’t have it in you to sit in a log in the water?’ “

So, she went on the ride solo.

“I was cranky,” she admitted. “I was exhausted, and when that happens everything became super-heightened, so the smallest thing becomes the biggest thing. I kind of marched off. It was not my finest moment.”

Annoyed, but willing to make a joke of it, she hammed it up for the camera.


“I have a resting bitch face and Steve always makes fun of me for it – he calls me Captain Not Amused – so I thought I would make a joke out of it and get the resting bitch face on camera,” she said.

Note to husbands everywhere: just go on the darn ride!

Source: PEOPLE

Top photo: Twitter

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