Michelle Bridges is one of Australia’s biggest identities at the moment, and as many Hollywood celebrities know, that comes at a price: your privacy.

Well, Michelle Bridges is very aware of that fact now, after she had a run in with a paparazzi while shopping at her local Woolworths.

The paparazzi took photos of her while she was pacing down the aisles, and she just lost it. The paparazzi, Liam Mendes, says that Michelle Bridges and her partner Commando make their fortune from their faces and shouldn’t get to pick and choose when to “be a celebrity”.

“You’re breaking the law by taking photographs of people in a shop,” Bridges can be heard saying to Mendes in the footage from inside the supermarket.

“You can cross your arms, you can get upset, but you’re actually breaking the law. “And you’re breaking the law by filming me in a shop.”

Check out the footage…


Source: 9 News

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