At a Dog Shelter in Romania, dog rescuer Monica Mitreanu shows love to an abused puppy for the first time. If this doesn’t break you I don’t know what will.

From the YouTube description:

The woman will approach the dog to pet her. Very fearful, the animal will start screaming and crying. But after a few long seconds, he will eventually calm down and accept this mark of affection. where we can see that the dog is doing much better. It has been adopted and is called Priscilla.In Romania, a young dog was recovered and placed in the shelter Breasta-Craiova. Abused since childhood, the puppy will be very difficult to accept that a human being can pet him. His first reaction will be extremely fearful when a woman will come forth his hand toward the animal. After a few moments, the dog will understand that it is a friendly gesture and enjoy this first caress.