Thanks to Prince Charles; Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry live VERY comfortably. 

In fact, every year, they are each given a ‘royal allowance’ of $4.6 million dollars. 

The enormous amount of allowance covers the yearly cost of staff, travel and official wardrobes. 

Prince Charles, 66, also pays for his own official life, thanks to a massive estate given to the heir to the throne for funding. 

That income comes to about $31 million and Prince Charles divies it out to the younger royals as he sees fit. 

A palace source told People that “We can’t identify how much of it is allocated to their office”. 

The $4.6 million didn’t account for the costs of refurbishing Will and Kate’s country home however, which was a gift from the Queen herself or the couple’s personal staff. 


Additionally, it’s important to note that most of their major travel would’ve been covered by the countries they visited. 


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