Female anchor Deanna Falzone was so repulsed by the spread’s flavour she gagged on live breakfast TV, declaring: ‘I can’t even swallow that… it tastes like throw up.’

Weatherman Jon Sharner suggested the Fox17 Morning News team in Michigan tried Vegemite on Australia Day after he experienced it’s unique taste while hosting an Aussie exchange student at his house last year.

‘Vegemite is a somewhat national condiment… people compare it to peanut butter in the US, it doesn’t taste anything like peanut butter,’ Jon said while trying to explain the spread.

Biting into it, one presenter named Rob said: ‘It has a little bitterness, for a second there it tasted like fish.’

Grimacing Deanna noted: ‘That’s bad Jon… I can’t even swallow it.’

‘Oh my God no I’m not gunna spit it out… I can’t eat it.. I can’t swallow it,’ Deanna said, clutching a white tissue over her mouth.

Rob added: ‘It’s obviously an acquired taste… I’ve taken one bite; I think that’s my lifetime limit for me.’


‘I don’t wanna say this but it tastes like throw up,’ Deanna added laughing and still struggling with the Vegemite taste.

Later that morning, the anchor tweeted: ‘It’s Australia Day and @JonShaner “treated”us to some #Vegemite #nothankyou pic.twitter.com/29ykmxzBCL.’

The Australian brand saw her tweet and responded gracefully despite her disgust: ‘@DeannaFalzone @JonShaner Thanks for trying us anyway Deanna! #acquiredtaste #SpreadTheLove.’

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