Photos of a lifeboat on which three rotting bodies and a letter that were discovered a month after the Titanic sunk have been found. 

The wooden lifeboat, believed to be the last to cast off from the doomed passenger ship as it plunged into the icy water, was found 200 miles from the wreck site by crew passing on the RMS Oceanic on May 13, 1912. 

On board were rotting corpses of two firemen from the Titanic’s engine room and that of first class passenger Thomson Beattie, 37, who was still dressed in his dinner jacket. 

The photographs give insight into the recovery mission, as well as a very detailed first-hand account of the discovery and help paint a picture of those who lost their lives aboard lifeboat Collapsible A. 

The historic photographs will be auctioned with a gruesome handwritten account, which describes how one of the bodies was so decomposed that its arm fell off during the operation. 



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