We’ve just stopped giggling after The Project host Carrie Bickmore revealed she hosted a charity gig with her ball gown on backwards, but now WS FM101.7 host Amanda Keller has one-upped her.

Speaking on air this morning, Keller said she had a bone to pick with co-host Jonesy.

You see, when leaving the studio yesterday Amanda clearly recalls Jonesy watching her put on her hooded jacket.

Keller then left the studio and drove to Channel 10, where she greeted colleagues and attended meetings.

“About an hour later I think: ‘why are my pockets so high?’” she told listeners on WS FM101.7 this morning. “I have T-Rex arms… Why are my pockets sitting so high.”

And then she realised: “I had put my hoodie on, not inside out but upside down.”

Turning the blame on Jonesy she asked why he didn’t point out the fashion faux pas.


“How could you not have seen that I had it on upside down and the hood was hanging down. You could have saved me hours of humiliation!”

“I thought it was a new thing,” joked Jonesy. “A poo catcher”