We love Harry Shearer and Judith Owens.

While one won over our hearts with his impressions and satirical genius, the other with graceful notes and gorgeous tunes. 

What a couple they do make. 

The pair were in studio with us this morning and boy, did we learn a lot. 

Laurel made a confession about one of her favs, Spinal Tap, after realizing one key point when watching it last night. 

The polar opposite was when we boogied along to one of Judith’s latest songs.


Meanwhile, our jaws dropped when hearing about the quality musicians at her disposal in her band. 

Some incredible names. 

But we’ve gotta admit… our favourite part may have been when Gary tricked Harry into a Mr Burns impersonation… 

We couldn’t help it considering Shearer has voiced Mr Burns, Ned Flanders and Principal Skinner (plus so many more) in over 600 episodes! 

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