Alice Cooper and his new supergroup Hollywood Vampires with Joe Perry and Johnny Depp, brought some hard rock to the 2016 Grammy Awards on Monday night by performing a tribute to late Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister.

At a recent pre-Grammy party, Cooper told reporters that the Grammy appearance was just a taste of what he and the Vampires have in store for fans.

Alice revealed that he currently is writing a new solo album and he also is putting together a follow-up to Hollywood Vampires’ star-studded, self-titled debut record, which was released in September.

“So, I’m working on two albums at once right now,” he explained, adding, “And I’m gonna be on two tours this summer. I got my own tour and then I got the Vampires tour. So, I don’t get a rest.”

Cooper’s 2016 solo tour currently is mapped out from an April 29 show in Biloxi, Mississippi, through to a May 21 concert in Rama, Canada, while Hollywood Vampires have just three confirmed dates so far, including a May 24 gig in Verona, New York, and a July 14 appearance at the 2016 Rock Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin.

Alice noted that since the original concept behind the Hollywood Vampires was to pay tribute to dead rock stars with whom he used to drink, and because quite a few other famous musicians he knew had passed on recently, the group planned to introduce some new songs to its set list. He added, “Of course we’re gonna do a [David] Bowie song.”


As for his upcoming solo album, Cooper reported that in addition to featuring some of his current backing group, it will include some tunes he’s co-written with the other surviving members of the original Alice Cooper band.

“[Drummer] Neal [Smith] and [guitarist] Mike [Bruce] and I just wrote two or three songs. [Bassist] Dennis [Dunaway] and I wrote some songs together,” Cooper said, explaining, “When we broke up [in 1974], we broke up as friends. We never broke up as enemies.”

He added about his old band mates, “If they’re doing a gig, I show up and sing a few songs with them. If I’m doing a gig and they’re in town, they come up on stage. So, there’s never been any bad blood between any of us.”

Meanwhile, Alice also spoke to reporters about Hollywood Vampires’ Grammy tribute to Lemmy, which included performances of a new original song called “As Bad as I Am,” and the Motorhead classic “Ace of Spades.”

“I had to learn ‘Ace of Spades,’ and it’s not that easy, because it’s basically a growl that you have to get down and the timing is all over the place,” he explained. “So, in order to do it right you gotta really…learn how he did it…It really comes out good, though.”

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