He may have earned the title of ‘Hollywood Hunk’ but it seems there’s a new title Alexander Skarsgard can add to the mix – ‘Beautiful Woman’.

The Tarzan star joined Conan where he revealed that he decided to dress in drag for the premiere of The Diary Of A Teenage Girl, because he “felt left out”.

“I was sitting there with my grey suit while they [drag queens] were talking about their wigs and their dresses,” he revealed.

“So I asked if I could play and she said ‘yes’ and asked who I wanted to be.”

And who exactly did he want to be? None other than Farrah Fawcett of course!

The former True Blood star also shared just what it took to get into shape for his shirtless role in Tarzan.


“They gave me six meals a day, which is quite a lot, but the portion was this sort of size [small],” he said.

“I was constantly hungry and I had to eat every three hours which meant that I spent the entire day thinking about food.”

That went on for nine months.

Not sure we would have had that commitment.

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