Aldi is back under fire over yet another moment of social media gone wrong..

The supermarket chain posted up a picture of their latest catalogue asking customers to give them their best ”animal joke” to promote the farmyard planters they were selling.

It lead to an instant fightback from their customers who recently began protesting over the chain’s continual sale of caged eggs.

Customers began commenting by saying ”What did the chicken say to Aldi? Please let me out of the cage, forever and for always.”

It carried on with one saying ”What didn’t the chicken cross the road? It couldn’t, it was stuck in a cage supplying eggs for Aldi.”


Aldi started to get feedback about it’s sales of caged eggs following Animals Australia’s latest campaign launch focused on the issue.

The video shows shoppers being shown how the chickens live and most were unaware of the situation and were shocked. 

The Facebook post asking for people’s best animal joke has since been deleted by Aldi.


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