We may have just found the biggest pro in showbiz.

It’s Adele.

Currently on a world tour and stopping in Lisbon, Portugal, Adele had one of those gigs she may want to forget when she forgot the words to her own song!

She was performing her track ”Million Years Ago” when she accidentally started singing the chorus instead of the first verse.

Not one to hide from her mistakes, the superstar quickly stopped the band and laughed as she said ”s***, wrong words.”

She carried on to say ”S***, s***,s****. I started singing the verse instead of the chorus! Sorry!”


There was no need to apologise for the songstress though, as the crowd loved it and laughed along with her!

It’s not the first time it has happened for her, with fan footage showing the star half a performance of Chasing Pavements in Boston in 2011.

She didn’t swear that time though, opting to say ”I forgot the words! Oh my god, I’ve never forgotten the words to the song!”

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