It’s supposed to be spring, right?

Unfortunately for South Australians, it’s been a rough start.

This week severe winds and torrential rain have battered and flooded homes, blocked roads and caused chaos across the state.

It’s pretty much time to build an ark.

And, save room for our poor koalas


Well, one Aussie bloke has had enough! 

Gumtree user, Andrew from Marion, SA, has listed South Australia’s rubbish weather on Gumtree.

Filed under ‘Miscellaneous Goods’…

You can have, it for free. He just needs “it gone, thanks”.

The listing has since been removed from Gumtree, but it’s glory still lives on – stuck in Google’s search cache.


Any takers?

Nah, didn’t think so.

Main Image: Russell Latter Facebook

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