Brian Johnson has just added a sweet ride to his car collection with the purchase of Jaguar F-Type Project 7 — the British company’s fastest and most powerful production model to date.

Speaking to the Interactive Jaguar Blog, Johnson, who moonlights as a race driver, says, “I love it. It’s a proper supercar, and boy, oh boy, does it have some grunt to it. While it’s blisteringly fast, I feel so safe in it. I love the steering, the handling, and those carbon ceramic brakes are amazing. The discs are as big as the wheels on my racing Mini. Just listen to that noise from the exhaust. Who needs a stereo when you have a soundtrack like this?”

Jaguar only made 250 with just over 50 of them coming to the States. Johnson, who lives in Florida, says, “I literally had to beg them to buy one. Of course they asked me what color I wanted. I told them: Is there any other color than British Racing Green?”

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