We’re up to the letter H in our A-Z of Brisbane Icons, and on the top of our list we have the Hawthorne Cinemas, and three Hugh’s!

Hugh Cornish, Hugh Lunn and Hugh Sawrey all made our list of Iconic Brisbanites…

Hugh Cornish:

Hugh Cornish was the first face on television in Queensland on Channel 9 in 1959.

He had an illustrious career on television in Brisbane, and says the highlight of his career was meeting HRH Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip.


Hugh Cornish with Ms Shirley Laney (Queensland Library)

Hugh Lunn:

Hugh Lunn wrote the best-selling non-fiction memoir for 1991, and Over The Top With Jim (1989), detailed his life growing up in Brisbane.

He is also said to have coined the term, “there’s no such thing as an ex-Queenslander” in November 1979 when discussing the viability of the State Of Origin Series with Senator Ron McAuliffe.


Wally Lewis, Hugh Lunn, Susie O’Neill and Dick Johnson in 2009 (AAP ONE)

Hawthorne Cinemas:

Opened in the 1940s, Hawthorne Cinemas are home to a large curved screen and is a classic theatre.


Hugh Sawrey:

Born in Forest Glen, QLD in 1919, he was an Australian artist whose paintings of the Australian landscape contributed to conserving the memory of times and places in Australian History.

This is Sawrey’s “Sheep For Manero”.

Photos: Queensland Library, Flickr, Getty and AAP ONE