It’s very easy to get carried away at while shopping at Costco. 

Pallets of ketchup, that giant stuffed bear and quadruple packs of deodorant may all seem like a good idea… until you get home. 

Here are 7 tips on how to capitalise on your costco shopping experience: 

1. There is a way to shop without a membership 

We all know you need a membership to shop at Costco normally and that costs money… so here’s what to do if you’re hesitant: Ask a friend who is a member to buy you a cash card. This way you can test it out before you commit. Then, if you rack up more than what your gift card is worth while scouring the aisles, that’s okay – you can cover the difference with cash or another accepted form of payment. It is nice to know though that if you’re at all dissatisfied with your Costco membership, they’ll refund your membership fee in full at any time. 

2. The prices might reveal more than just how much something costs… 

If the price of an item ends in $0.97, it means it’s on clearance. If an item ends in a $0.88 that means it’s a manager’s markdown and likely the last of those items in the store. Either way, they’ve been marked down for a reason – be sure to check the quality/best before date! 


3. You can tell if items won’t be coming back 

If there is an asterisk at the top right of a shelf tag, that means the item will no longer be stocked at Costco… so stock up while you still can! 

4. Beware of the free samples 

Everyone loves a freebie, but be careful… Free samples can boost supermarket sales of products by as much as 2,000%. Don’t buy what you tried just because the demonstrator was nice and you feel obliged!

5. Don’t walk past the gift card section! 

Costco offers gift cards for movie theatres, restaurants, outings and more at a discount. For example, something of $100 value, can be purchased for just $79.99. 


6. You can score costco prices even when you’re not at costco 

Often, other big box stores are willing to price-match Costco’s crazy-low deals, so do your research and log on to to research prices. When you find an item you want, simple print off the product page with the price and bring it to a store that participates in Costco price matching. Stores that do this include Target & Best buy. 


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