If you’re like me, you probably tend to associate people who write ‘gratitude journals’ with those who also wake up early to start the day with light yoga, are emotionally stable and generally have their life together. 

However, when you actually think about it, maybe us mere mortals CAN find a spare 5 minutes a day to write a couple sentences down. Once you read the benefits of this practice, I’m sure you’ll feel inspired… I am! 

Those who have managed to partake in this activity have had MAJOR overall life benefits. 

Here’s why you should definitely start a Gratitude Journal: 

1. It motivates you to make progress in your life 

Daily entries into a gratitude journal will make you realise that just because something seems boring, doesn’t make it less important. It’ll make you realise that a random flower can cause you to smile. It also forces you to acknowledge that if most of your days are starting to look the same or are feeling boring, you should change up your routine. 

2. It’s personal – which is very rare these days 


Keeping a gratitude journal is very personal, something that we don’t get much of anymore. It’s for your eyes and your eyes only. It is the only place where you can say what you feel, however corny or silly or dumb and keep the magic of it all for yourself. 

3. You’ll look like a wonderful person when you die 

IF someone happens to find your gratitude journal after you die, you’ll look like a mighty fine human being. 

4. It’s basically a more lazy version of journaling 

All that’s required of you is a few sentences of why you’re grateful and that’s that! It can even be in dot point form. Either way, it’ll have the same positive effect on you. 

5. You’ll respect yourself a lot more 


It’s so much easier to turn off the critical thoughts towards ourselves when you are looking at physical evidence of progress and gratefulness on the regular! It’s a way of your past self defending your present self and telling your future self you got this on lock. 

6. It helps you remember all the good things 

Forgetful? Fear not! By looking at your own handwriting of good times and happy thoughts you will easily transport back to that moment. It’ll help you to be less bitter about the bad parts in your life and weirdly appreciative of what you do have.