We all know that your desk job isn’t great for your back. Here’s some poses that will really help you out in the long run!

Forward Fold

How to: Inhale your arms upward and fold your body forward, reaching your fingers to the ground. Keeping your legs straight is not necessary, so bend your knees until you feel comfortable.

Benefits: Forward fold is an ultimate relaxer, helping out your digestive system while elongating your spine.

Downward Dog


How to: From forward fold, walk your hands outward toward the end of your mat. Be sure to align your arms with your ears.

Benefits: Downward dog can help soothe back pain while strengthening back muscles.

The Cobra

How to: Starting on your stomach, press your arms towards the floor. Looking upward, open your chest.

Benefits: Cobra relieves lower back pain and strengthens abdominal muscles.


Bow Pose

How to: Stretch you arms back and grasp the top of each foot. Lifting your legs back, use the force to pull your torso toward the ceiling.

Benefits: Bow pose stimulates neck muscles and improves posture.

The Sphinx


How to: Laying on your belly with arms forward, align your elbows with your shoulders. Stretch upward.

Benefits: Sphinx eases lower back pain while lengthening the spine.