If you haven’t seen Matilda, well, do. 

A popular pastime for almost every 90s kids is the movie Matilda. 

The film, based on a book by Roald Dahl, is about a very smart little girl who discovers her uncanny magical brain powers. 

It is a clever movie and, when you watch with fresh eyes, you’ll notice many little intricacies that may have escaped your attention when you were younger. 

1. Her Dad’s business tactics are SERIOUSLY off and highlight the corrupt business industry… 

As a kid, the ability for Harry Wormwood to make the kilometres on the car go backwards seemed like a really cool trick. However it took watching this as an adult to realise what he was ACTUALLY doing. 

2. The Movie made it seem like a normal concept to adopt a stranger’s kid 


While it didn’t seem like a strange thing to do when I first watched the film, it seems bizarre that the Wormwood parents had absolutely no reservations about abandoning their daughter. 

3. Matilda’s magical powers are not questioned. Not even once. 

If any child I knew was able to control things with her eyes, she’d be going straight to the Doctor! Instead, her classmates, Miss Honey and Matilda herself, aren’t even slightly freaked out by the concept.. instead they just embrace it! 

4. Almost all the adults in the film are baddies

Other than Miss Honey, all of the adults in Matilda are seriously awful. Is Roald Dahl suggesting something here? 

5. How on earth did Miss Trunchbull get away with the things she did? 


That school is seriously a lawsuit waiting to happen. However Miss Trunchbull’s methods of child abuse seem to be ‘accepted’ and none of the kids report anything to their parents!