What do you think of when it comes to the letter ‘A’ in Brisbane?

Things like the old Arnott’s Factory on Milton Road, Agro the puppet, the Amazon Water Park and the legendary Alfie Langer all jumped to our minds.

On the show we spoke to Annette Allison, all about Agro and the Amazon’s Water Park, the Arnott’s biscuit smell, as well as the Archerfield Aerodrome,and The Aztecs!

Who else remembers Alfie Langer in the Tip-Top bread ad?

Allan Langer recently caught up with the current Brisbane Broncos team for Broncos Insider and spoke about his stellar career in the NRL.


One of our favourite memories was the iconic smell of the biscuits cooking away at the Arnott’s factory on Milton Road…

Here’s an Arnott’s Sao ad on the side of a bus in 1957 in Brisbane… We can almost smell the biscuits now!

The new factory has moved to Virginia, north of Brisbane – we still miss it wafting over the city.

What about the Amazon Water Park ad?


We’re still so sad that Brissy doesn’t have this in Jindalee anymore!

The legendary Alan Langer is pictured here with Steve Sherry at ANZ stadium in 1997.

Photos: Queensland Library, Seven Network, KQ Archives.

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