When Jane Sizer won the ‘4KQ’s Gonna Make You A Star’ competition earlier this year singing a haunting rendition of Hallelujah she did not expect to be repeating her performance at a listener’s funeral. 

But alas that is the power radio has.

A listener by the name John Beattie had been following along with our competition at the same time that his wife of almost 50 years was sick and was so moved by Jane’s voice that he organised to have her sing at the funeral.

The plan was so extensive that Jane had to fly in and fly out immediately before and after the funeral but she did so without hesitation.

And what a marvelous reaction they had.

The song brought back a host of memories for John, who rang in to speak with us this morning. 

While the emotion is still raw, his gratittude to Jane couldn’t be denied. 


And while reminiscing Jane said she had to be very careful where to look while trying to get through the song – so as to avoid eye contact with the 90+ year old mother of the late Jennifer front and centre and in her eye line. 

Listen to the full interview below. 

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