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Owning your own business is no easy task.

Aside from what can seem like an endless to-do list, making big decisions about your business’ direction can be tricky.

We teamed up with the masters of making hard work easy – Toyota WorkHorse Workforce – to find four lucky Aussies who needed a helping hand with their business.

These competition winners received advice from a small business expert of their choice, and now have a chance of winning a brand-new Toyota HiLux or HiAce from the Toyota WorkHorse Range, plus $10, 000 cash.

Not bad!

Family Business Consultant Dean Robinson spoke with finalist Louise, a florist in Sydney’s Dee Why, about his top three tips for small businesses.



1. Know your market

Knowing your market, and targeting your marketing towards that demographic is paramount.

This not only includes outdoor or social media marketing, but also how your store is laid out, be it physical or online.


2. Market your store to reflect your image

You want your store to look popular and vibrant.

Focusing your marketing and direction on your target demographic will help your success.

Take some time to really think about who your customer is, and consider every detail when customising your store’s user experience.

3. Consistency is key!

Staying consistent on all of these things is important.


Keep going in the direction that is working for your business as this will help to create a steady cash flow, and hopefully help to future proof your business.