When you’ve lived as long as Flossie Dickey, you have pretty much earned the right to do what you want.

She’s being interviewed on her 110th birthday on February 18 by the local morning news, Good Day Spokane, but she isn’t having a bar of it, giving a stony-faced performance next to the bubbly presenter.

She’s lived through two World Wars, the Great Depression and then wars in the Middle East, you’d think she’d earn some peace on her birthday. Apparently not.

The chirpy anchor, Nichole Mishcke, asks her what she likes to do – “Nap” – and if she was excited for her party later that day – “Not one bit”.

All she really wants to do is have a neat whiskey, a piece of pie and have a nap, without being grilled about her “top life tips”.

H/T UniLad