The Japanese culture is undeniably a unique one, full of weird art, technology and cuisine. 

That said, it’s easy to detect when something is a unique product of Japan. Although we’re aware of this nation full of questionable products, some still take us by surprise.

Below we’ve compiled a list, in no particular order, of 10 weird Japanese toys that shouldn’t exist.

Bandai Periperi Infinite Shipping Envelope Keychain Toy

Experience the joy of opening an envelope with this keychain! It even has a speaker so you can hear the sound of the envelope opening…

Barack Obama Action Figure

Yes, Japan has turned Barack Obama into an action figure.


Kappa Kick – Russian Roulette Kids Gun!

Nothing says ‘having a good time’ like playing Russian Roulette with the kids.

Roadkill Cat

Now is a good time to remind you, this is not a joke.

“Shave The Baby” Doll

No thanks, I’d rather not. 


Face Bank

 Stick your coins in the creepy box’s mouth…

Crying Doll

 If you enjoy crying babies, why not?

Pregnant Doll

One of the most disturbing toys on this list, it was actually once used for educational purposes.  


The Humping Dog USB Stick

Recreate the awkwardness of a dog humping everytime you plug the USB into a computer. 

Baby in a Microwave

We are not sure WHY on earth this is a thing, but it is, so just accept it.

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