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4KQ's Cash Kitty

The famous Cat Controller is back and wants to give you the kitty – but only if you can guess its contents correctly!


4KQ will nominate a cash amount between $100 and $10,000 and the Cat Controller will keep it  secret.

Listen for the cue to call across the day. Call us on 3223 0693, If you guess the exact cash amount – you will win it! You have got to be precise and must guess correctly to two decimal places

All of the wrong guesses are updated daily below so make sure you visit regularly for the best chance to win.

With only a few NEW villas left, secure your renaissance NOW at
Renaissance Retirement Village       



$3746.15 HIGHER

$4821.67 HIGHER

$5296.29 LOWER

$4056.69 HIGHER

$5001.05 HIGHER

$5068.86 HIGHER

$5213.08 LOWER

$5124.38 LOWER

$4896.95 HIGHER

$5117.92 LOWER

$5115.15  LOWER

$5079.92 HIGHER

$5101.27 HIGHER

$5112.24 LOWER

$5107.31 HIGHER

$5110.05 LOWER

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