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More Needed Before The Weinstein Scandal Invokes Change

The details of the Harvey Weinstein scandal are sordid, disgusting and uncomfortable.

But ultimately Weinstein is not alone.

Washington Post Columnist, Alyssa Rosenberg has made a poignant comment in her latest article that, “we’re going to have to deal with a lot more really ugly sad stories.

“He is not alone… this is behaviour that happens in every industry and to women in all walks of life,” she told Laurel, Gary and Mark.  

“Sexual harassment is so wide spread.

“No one wants to read all of the details, nobody wants to hear all of this pain - but I think it’s absolutely essential that the scandal widens instead of just go away and be about this one company.”

One note that really resonated in our chat was the fact that the entertainment industry makes it easier for predators.

The insular nature of show business and the power that people in executive positions have over potential career success makes it harder to stamp out harassment.

“Celebrity itself is a very powerful weapon for predators,” Rosenberg said.

Listen to the full chat with Alyssa below. 

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