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We Want To Help You Answer "Why Is It So?"

Why is the sky blue? Why did we settle in Brisbane? Why does music make me happy?

Do you have a lingering question you've always wanted answered?? We're here to help!

Use the form below to let us know what's the question that has you stumped and we'll get onto the case.

Then, tune into Laurel, Gary & Mark to hear them solve the case and tell you exactly - "why is it so..."!

Some of our past 'Why Is It So' segments: 

Why do we throw coins into water fountains / wells (HINT: It's not just for good luck)?

Find out the gory reason why barber shops have a red and white pole out front...

Why are the traffic lights the colours they are? 

Why do people say 'Bless you'?

Why are Australia's states and territories divided as they are? 

Where did the $ (dollar sign) originate from?

Where did the 'thumbs up' gesture come from?

Why are the months of the year named like that?

What does the 'OK' symbol originally mean?

Where do all these wedding rituals come from?

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