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When Laurel's White Pants and Makeup Don't Mix

Well... ah... that's awkward!

Laurel wanted to pretty herself up this friday and decided to put on a touch of makeup.

Only problem was some of the loose pearls from her rouge accidentally ended up on her chair... unbeknownst to her. 

The dilemma?

White pants + Rouge are not a pretty look. 


In the words of Gary:

"it looks as though you have a racing stripe... you'd want to get a hazmat suit before touching that! It doesn't look good," he said. 

"Look, you've turned 50, people just think it's an accident."

Thankfully producer LJ was around to give her a helping hand... Because we wouldn't trust Gary or Mark with that job!!!!

(Despite Mark's insistence to help!

Take a listen! 

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