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What Led Jerry Lewis To Tie Up Crooner Al Martino?

Alison Martino, joined Gary, Laurel and Mark to talk about the late, great Jerry Lewis, who passed away this morning aged 91.

As the daughter of US legendary singer/actor Al Martino, Alison is no stranger to the showbiz world of glitz and glamour and recalls meeting with Jerry Lewis on several occasions.

“When you have a father who came from that old showbiz, old Hollywood type world, you had a good chance of bumping into him once in a while,” she said. “And we used to go to a restaurant just down the street from where we lived called the Hamburger Hamlet and we’d see Jerry in there quite a bit.”

Martino knew Lewis well before the infamous Rat Pack years in the 1950s and Alison recalled a funny story from that time.

“A crazy story with Jerry was, [there was] a very popular nightclub out here on the Sunset strip in the 50s and 60s called Ciro’s and my dad had a lifetime chance to play at Ciro’s at the height of his career in 1952;” she said. “So he was headlining Ciro’s, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis came in, they basically tied my Dad backstage. Tied him to a chair. It was a full house and everyone was waiting for my Dad to come out but instead they got Jerry and Dean to come out. Not that they were complaining!”

Years later, Lewis would still tease Martino about that show. “You know why you were so successful that night? Because Dean and I tied you to a chair!” Lewis would say.

Here are some never-before-seen images from the night it all went down!



Alison Martino is the founder of the Facebook page, Vintage Los Angeles.

For the full chat, click here.

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