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What Happens When Laurel Tries On Her Yr11 Formal Dress

We were talking school formals today, so Laurel brought in her formal dress to try on from year 11!!!!!!

Only problem... it didn't quite zip up at the back... 

But boy, have formals and school dances changed from our day!

No more balloons in the school hall, instead it's often a hotel decked out with full scale decorations, dresses worth up to $3k, limos to and from the venue, hair and makeup, professional suit hire... the list goes on!

We find out exactly what goes into a school formal in 2016, including cost, etiquette... 

Then we threw to you for your most embarrassing dance stories. And to say you delivered is an understatement!

Here is our lovely Laurel in her year 11 formal dress... well, almost!

Certainly a lot closer to getting into her formal dress than we would be!


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