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We Had Coffee With A Cop And We're Glad We Did

Do you feel guilty every time you see a policeman in blue, even when you haven't done anything wrong!?

This is for you...

'Coffee With A Cop' is the awesome initiative that we never knew about, but want to get involved with. 

On designated days throughout the year, select men and woman of the police force go to an advertised coffee shop and give regular people like you and me the chance to chat. 

Whether it is just familiarising yourself with your local copper, or if you have a local issue that you'd like to raise and don't normally have the opportunity to, they are there to help. 

It aims to destigmatize police and the reputation that surrounds them. 

Plus who doesn't love coffee? 

We spoke to a Senior Constable Amanda Schofield and her fellow colleague this morning. 

And taser and pepper spray jokes aside, it was a great chat! 

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