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How Troy Cassar-Daley Navigated Through Darkest Hours

Fame and a life of music was not handed to Troy Cassar-Daley on a platter. 

The singer has bared all in his newly released autobiography, and in true Cassar-Daley style, the book has its own musical accompaniment. 

It's no holds barred, as he discusses being a child of divorce and feeling torn between two cultures. 

One incredibly eye opening moment of the biography sees him reflect on a time out shooting with his step-dad, where he had to make an ultimate decision... 

Of course we couldn't get the man in the studio without demanding a song. 

And conveniently, Troy's latest album launched today - with songs that reference chapters and stories from his biography in a completely personal musical project. 

And what a gorgeous song it is!

Make sure you get a copy of 'Things I Carry Around' both the biography and the album! 

Even Gary gets his mug into the photos section as MC of Laurel and Troy's wedding!

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