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The Truth Behind "It Never Rains In Southern California"

Have you ever wondered how some of the most famous songs in the world are written?

Well, for Albert Hammond, the legendary US singer, it comes as easily as a rainy day and a misheard lyric. 

The 73-year-old, who has released 22 albums, including the latest In Symphoney, joined Laurel, Gary and Mark to talk about writing one of his most celebrated tunes.

“The song was written before I ever went to California," he said. "It was written in London actually, in Fulham, on a miserable, rainy day."

While on his way to visit his partner, Hammond was saturated by the down pour.

"When I got to his place, he gave me a towel to dry off and then he said 'Oh gosh, you look terrible, I'll make a cup of tea to warm you up', he recalled. 

Whilst he waited for his cup of tea, Hammond picked up a guitar and began strumming a few chords while looking at his partner's bookshelf.

"I suddenly see one that said 'The Railways Of Southern California' and I started to sing 'on the railways of Southern California'," the singer said. "He [his partner] screamed from the kitchen 'did you say it never rains in Southern California?' and I said, 'No! But what a great idea!' and that's how the song began."

The songs lyrics were based on Hammond's life during his time in Madrid when he first left home at the age of 16.

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