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The Multi-Million Dollar Ugg Boot Court Case...

When you think Aussie winter, you think Ugg Boots.

But if this legal case has any merit, 'Ugg' Boots may never be made in Australia ever again. 

Ugg Boots Australia (which, might we add, is based in the United States) has put forth a legal case towards a small Ugg Boots producer and distributor in Sydney to stop them from describing their product as 'ugg' boots. 

Australian Leather PTY LTD have been producing sheepskin boots since the 1990s using local people and materials. 

But US Footwear giant Deckers Corporation has trademark the world 'Ugg' and are trying to enforce that around the world.

... The catch? 

Companies in Australia and NZ were not able to trademark the term because it is used so commonly in our vernacular.

Independent politician Nick Xenophon explains the current state of the legal proceedings and what may happen... 

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