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The Humpback Wales At Moreton Bay Are Magnificent

Our beautiful humpback whales off the eastern seaboard of Australia nearly became extinct due to harpooning.

The number of whales dwindled down to just 100 in the 1960s, however, there are now 22,000 humpback whales in the Moreton Bay area.

Laurel went on a lovely excursion with Brisbane Whale Watching on the catamaran ‘Eye Spy’.

“As soon as we got over the Moreton Island, a Mum and a calf playing in the quiet waters, having this lovely little quiet lull around the boat,” Laurel said, when talking about the trip on 4KQ brekkie this morning. “They come up close and that’s when you hear the – Ooohs and Ahhs – from the people on board.”

Laurel and her family were lucky enough to see a bevvy of activity, whales absolutely “broaching all over the place”.

“What a magnificent sight we did see,” Laurel said. “These beautiful big creatures were jumping in the air!”

Laurel was lucky enough to take an incredible whale selfie of a humpback whale doing just that.

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