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The Genius Reason Why Mark Licked His Nintendo Game Card

We weren't expecting this to happen on a Monday morning in studio. 

Over the weekend Mark bought a new toy - the coveted Nintendo Switch. 

For those not staying up to date on the latest in gaming consoles, this is a pretty big deal. 

So we were taken aback when Mark told us he wanted to lick part of his new prized possession. 

Turns out there are rumours doing the rounds that the geniuses at Nintendo have coated each of the game cards (about the size of an sd-card that you would insert in a digital camera) with a bitter tasting chemical so as to prevent little kids from ingesting them. 

Brilliant idea. 

But somehow it has spurred gamers everywhere to lick their brand new games. 

For the record, Mark and Laurel can now both confirm that yes, there definitely is a gross-tasting coating on Mark's Zelda game. 

And both came to regret it when they couldn't get the taste from their mouth. 

You learn something new every day. 

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