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Herm Kovacs Talks About Malcolm Young

Herm Kovacs is a drummer, producer and long-time friend of the late ACDC guitarist, Malcolm Young.

Today, on Laurel, Gary and Mark, Herm recalled the early days with the guitarist and his involvement with him. 

"Well I slept with him," Herm joked. "We were in a band together, and because we were the small guys basically when the promoter put us in a caravan or something, his toes were up my nose or my toes were up his nose!"

Herm spoke fondly of his friend, who in those days "still had a day job fixing sewing machines in a Hestia bra factory", recalling he was really sensitive and a really good mate.

"He'd stay the weekend over at our house and a lot of people don't realise it, but when he got up, we'd cram into my bedroom with my drum kit and his guitar, and we'd play jazz from midday until about six o'clock until we'd have to leave for the gig," he said. "He was a great guitarist. Not just as a rhythm player but as a lead as well." 

To hear more of these great stories from Herm, listen to the full chat below!

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