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Salvation Army Searching For Xmas Angel To Do Lights Display

For  more than a decade Salvation Army volunteer Geoff Venables created a Christmas lights experience at the Red Hill Brisbane Recovery Centre that drew crowds from far afield.

But the sudden passing of Mr Venables has left the service wondering, “What will happen now?”

Mr Venables, a former client of the service, who had also provided volunteer support for current clients, had spent the better part of six months preparing for the festive season, including the 4KQ Christmas Lights competition, and then meticulously packing everything away, said the Salvation Army’s Chris Tamsett.

Mrs Tamsett said the service hoped members of the community might step up to help continue to honour Mr Venables’ legacy.

“We haven’t got anyone who can do what Geoff did. It would be incredible if someone, or a group of people in the community wanted to help us,” she said.

“Every year Geoff brought new ideas to us and the crowds grew and the buses came. He really was Mr Christmas.”

If you think you can help, contact Chris by email at Christine.Tamsett@aue.­salvationarmy.org

Courtesy of Quest Newspapers

Photo: Supplied

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