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Rhonda Burchmore Put Grant Denyer's Bobble Head WHERE!?

Laurel has named and shamed Rhonda Burchmore for stealing the team's Grant Denyer bobble head... 


Rhonda managed to smuggle the collectable out of our studio after an interview in a very mischievous way...

Smuggling it down her top!

When we told Grant the story he couldn't keep his composure... and neither could we.

We asked if he could help retrieve our beloved toy. But considering he has yet to meet the comedian himself, that may be a little bit intrusive!

Either way, we had a bunch of laughs with the Family Feud host!

Grant is currently promoting his latest show The Great Australian Spelling be season two - testing some of the brightest young minds in the country. 

He even threw a few spelling words our way. 

WATCH Grant Denyer test Laurel, Gary and Mark Great Australian Spelling Bee Style... 

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