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Quirky's Quirks: The Victoria Bridge

Many of us cross the Victoria Bridge regularly, but few would know the current Victoria Bridge is the fourth iteration of the bridge.

Here are some interesting facts about the bridge:

• The Victoria Bridge was the first permanent cross-river bridge in Brisbane and a wooden bridge was opened in 1865.

• The bridge operated as a toll bridge until it collapsed in 1867 due to a wood worm infestation.


• In 1869 Council began work on a steel replacement bridge which operated as a toll bridge from 1874.

• The second bridge was destroyed by the great flood in 1893 and in 1897 construction began on a third steel framed bridge.

• Until the 1930s, the bridge remained the only permanent crossing point between the north and south banks of the River in Brisbane.

• In the early 1930’s, students staged a commemoration day prank. Early in the morning, they installed a sign at each end of the bridge indicating that it was closed to traffic. Police took the signs at face value and arrived to re-direct traffic for most of the day until someone checked with the relevant authorities.

• As a part of this version of the bridge an abutment was built on the South Bank end of the bridge.


• The abutment comprises of a large masonry podium and was retained after the bridge was demolished in 1969 to preserve the stonework associated with the earlier bridge.

• The fourth and current bridge was opened in April 1969.

• To learn more about the bridge’s history and to get a unique view of South Bank and the City head to the newly opened abutment.

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